Little lifehack for MacOS users.

Just add this code into your ~/.profile file and you will have terminal shortcut for copy into clipboard your SSH key.

alias ssh.key='cat ~/.ssh/ | pbcopy; echo SSH PubKey copied to Clipboard'

After this you can use this alias as any program in terminal.

@dude /WWW# ssh.key
SSH PubKey copied to Clipboard
@dude /WWW# 


PS: if you use any Linux/FreeBSD distributions and made same lifehack for them, you can share in comments your code. Cheers, dude.

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One Response to Copy your public SSH key to clipboard

  1. artoodetoo says:

    I can do on my Cygwin session in Windows:

    $ cp ~/.ssh/ /dev/clipboard

    So, aliases are exist in cywin too :) Don’t be so boring apple-dude!

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